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Decked out in some of his Super Bowl swag, Craigie called out a writer for the New York Daily News named Ebenezer Samuel for his failure to make any mention of the Boomer & Carton show when writing a piece on Brandon Jacobs’ less-than-flattering comments about his old head coach with the 49ers, Jim Harbaugh, which were said right here on the Morning Extravaganza.

Then Jerry Recco got his update thing started with Jonny Gomes putting the free-spending Yankees on blast.

Eli Manning offers big brother Peyton some advice on how to play quarterback at MetLife Stadium, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell chimes in on Richard Sherman’s antics, Craig accuses Boomer of sabotaging ‘his’ relationship with the commish, Geno Smith gets and accepts an apology, Andrea Bargnani out indefinitely and Mike Woodson is confident that Carmelo Anthony will be around until the ‘bitter end’ — whatever that is worth…

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