NEW YORK (WLNY) — It can be hard to eat healthy and stay fit when you don’t have a lot of time, but what if a health bar and gym were under the same roof?

New York Yankees slugger Mark Teixeira has teamed up with Marcus Antebi, the founder and CEO of Juice Press, to create SoHo Strength Lab — a first of its kind pairing gym and press combination that promotes health living.

Mark Teixeira at SoHo Strength Lab (credit: WLNY)

Mark Teixeira at SoHo Strength Lab (credit: WLNY)

“He opened my eyes to a whole new world of of processed and unprocessed foods,” Teixeira said of Antebi. “When you can put unprocessed, raw green juice into your body there’s so many great benefits as a person and as an athlete.”

Juice Press at SoHo Strength Lab (credit: WLNY)

Juice Press at SoHo Strength Lab (credit: WLNY)

Gym goers can workout at the Strength Lab and easily replenish their bodies with cold, fresh-pressed juices. The lab also offers smoothies, grab-and-go raw food entrees, salads and sandwiches.

The food is 100 percent vegan, organic and kosher and it attracts all kinds of customers. Even some of the Seattle Seahawks players tested out the Strength Lab while in town for the Super Bowl.

“When I was 25, I could go out lift like an animal, go out and play a full game, and then eat whatever I wanted afterwards and not feel any of the effects. I’d sleep fine and have plenty of energy for the next day,” Teixeira said. “As I get older, nutrition has become so much more important. Making good decisions are very important to me and Juice Press helps with those decisions.”

Teixeira and Antebi will launch five Juice Press stores in the next six months, which will include a 3,000-square-foot downtown location and a smaller store in Bridgehampton.

“I think in 10 years, there’s going to be a juice bar on every corner, the way there’s a pharmacy, an ATM and a coffee shop,” Antebi said. “I think every city and every corner will have a juice concept.”

Juice Press is already seeing expansion.

Next month it’ll open its doors on Greenwich Street as well as in midtown on West 55th Street.

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