NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Many of the Seahawks and Broncos fans who came to the Tri-State area for the Super Bowl have been stuck here since the first storm of the week landed right after the big game.

Seahawks fans even missed the team’s victory parade through the Seattle streets on Wednesday.

“I’ve been traveling for thirty years and I don’t think I’ve ever had a flight canceled,” one fan told CBS 2’s Maggie Ruper.

Back to back winter storms have extended the stay in New York for Dan and Brandon Marble.

“You know it’s extra days off work and extra hotels,” Brandon said.

The pair spent Tuesday night in the airport and have been running on little sleep. Their flight home on Monday was canceled and they faced another cancellation on Wednesday.

Nearly 3,000 flights were canceled nationwide including more than 500 at LaGuardia Airport. Ticket lines were left empty and runways were covered in snow and ice.

It wasn’t the ideal cross-country trip but the Marbles said that it was worth it.

“It’s pretty frustrating but the Super Bowl win makes it a little better,” Brandon said.

With little chance of finding a flight home at LaGuardia the Marbles decided to take action.

In an email to CBS 2’s Ruper, Dan said that the pair had decided to try out some other local airports.

“We decided to move to a bigger airport to see if we had any better luck. There were just no physical planes coming to laguardia. So we went to JFK. Everything was cancelled out of there as well. They were able to put us on a flight out of Newark. So we took a shuttle bus to Newark and are waiting to get on that flight at 7:15. Appears this might be a winner. Crossing our fingers. All 3 airports in the same day. Not bad huh?” Marble wrote.

Later on Wednesday night, Marble told CBS 2’s Ruper that he had boarded a flight.

“Just got on the plane after 2 mechanical delays and the pilot switching planes. Crazy day. Go hawks!” he wrote.

For those who are still trying to fly out United and other airlines have allowed passengers to change tickets without the usual fee.

As always it is best for passengers to check with their carrier before heading to the airport.

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