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Eddie George played in the NFL for nine years — eight with the Titans and one forgettable season with the Cowboys (more to come on that).

Since his playing days ended, George has found plenty of activities to occupy his time. He got a degree in landscape architecture design and has put it to use, he provides college football analysis for Fox and has even admitted to getting the acting bug.

During his visit with the guys, George covered a whole host of topics and had plenty of laughs.  He talked about the manner in which his career ended, dealing with depression the passing of Steve McNair and losing a Super Bowl.

As for the laughs, they came when George read Shakespeare with Boomer, and Jerry Recco was called out for saying he was a lousy Cowboy — how ’bout that…

George recently appeared on 60 Minutes Sports, which airs on Showtime. The segment will re-air Friday at 11 p.m. on Showtime Extreme and  can be seen any time on demand on Showtime on Demand.

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