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What better way to spend a snowy Thursday morning than listening to the antics of the Dynamic Radio Duo known nationwide as Boomer & Carton?  Rhetorical question of course, regardless of the weather, nobody does it better than Boomer and Craigie.

The same could be said about Derek Jeter.  Few who’ve laced ’em up have done it better than the Yankees captain, who announced his retirement via Facebook on Wednesday, by the way.

So it was there that today’s show began, Derek Jeter is retiring … at the end of the season – which hasn’t even begun yet.

Boomer for one is already tired of the fawning over Jeter, while his radio partner is asking ‘Where were you when you heard the news?’

Anyway you cut it, the Jeter retirement saga is just in its infancy, so sit back, relax and appreciate all that the captain is and was.

Oh yeah, the hapless Knicks lost to the hapless Kings in OT at home…

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