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In addition to providing the masses with informative and entertaining sports updates on the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza, Jerry Recco can also be heard calling both Columbia football and men’s basketball games (ROAR!!!).

With that said, Jerry was on the call last night when the Lions took on the Yale Bulldogs in the CIT (College Insider Tournament), and this morning he provided Boomer & Craig with some of his play-by-play magic in return for some honest critique, which he certainly got.

In addition to the abundance of feedback he received, Jerry was also given a gift of sorts if you will, courtesy of one Craig Carton. It was in the form of something Mr. Recco could use to enhance his next broadcast and perhaps gain some more national notoriety.

Let’s all say it together now — “spank my a– with a noodle”…

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