SADDLE BROOK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A desperate search is under way for a missing dog in Saddle Brook, N.J.

As CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport reported Tuesday, the heartbroken family is using an unusual tactic to find their beloved pooch — a result of some corporate kindness.

Nearly six months ago a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named Honey, got spooked and bolted while out on a walk with her adoptive owners.

“The dog was really my son’s and I lost her. So, it’s upsetting because I know I took something from him that I’m trying to get back for him,” said Eileen Hickey.

“Very sad. Very sad for the family, the rescue,” said Lisa Rose Rublack, with Last Resort Animal Rescue.

Last Resort Animal Rescue is the organization who placed Honey with her owners.

The group said it has tried virtually everything they can to help find her — posters, search parties, Facebook, but so far nothing has brought Honey home.

Rublack told Rapoport they needed to do something to raise awareness about Honey.

And boy did they ever.

An enormous digital billboard along Route 80 in Hackensack and Saddle Brook is now helping to get the message out.

The billboard was donated free of charge by CBS Outdoors, an outdoor advertising arm of our parent company CBS.

A volunteer at the rescue who works for CBS told colleagues about Honey’s story, and the billboard went up.

“Oh, I am eternally grateful to them,” Hickey said. “To me, I have an emotional attachment to the dog. So, when they say that there’s a sighting, sometimes it’s hard for me to go cause then I get upset and there’s no end.”

For now, Honey is still missing. Rublack said there have been sightings so it is believed that Honey is still alive.

The group and the family hope the billboard will bring awareness to her disappearance and possibly even bring the pup home for good.

Last Resort Animal Rescue said Honey is very shy and that people should not try to catch her because she will runaway.

Instead, if you spot a dog that you think may be Honey, call this hotline number: 973-928-6308.

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