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With Boomer north of the border attempting to recapture his athletic youth while wearing ice skates, Craig (not Chris) had his old buddy Robert Wuhl sitting to his right in the Allstate Studio. And the two of them kicked things off this Friday morning talking about the controversy swirling around the Yankees after their 4-1 win over the Red Sox in the Bronx Thursday night.

Michael Pineda earned the win and garnered all sorts of attention thanks to a foreign substance spotted on his hand, which later disappeared.  Craig and Robert discussed the questionable practices of Pineda and wondered: Why didn’t the Red Sox make a bigger stink?

We also have a developing situation coming out of Giants camp after Eli Manning undergoes surgery to fix an ailing ankle.  It’s unclear at this point how exactly the ankle got to the state of needing repair, which led to some speculating.

Rounding things out, the Mets finished off the Braves in Atlanta and don’t look now, but Terry Collins’ bunch has won four of their last six games — how ’bout that?!

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