By John Montone, 1010 WINS

Whoosh!  That’s the sound of the world passing me by.

As Pharrel Williams performed his mega hit, “Happy,” on the big TV screen in my boss’s  office, some of my colleagues, who are also nearing decrepitude, watched approvingly. They liked the song and dance number. Or at least they said they did.

In any case, they were familiar with this latest dance craze.  I was not.  To be sure the dancers were quite agile, but the music was…well, let’s put it this way, barely the B-side of a Motown single from back in the day — way back in the day.  This Pharrel Williams seems like a pleasant enough fellow, but he ain’t no Smokey Robinson.

So there.

And while I’m at it, I do not Twerk.  I have never done the Harlem Shake or the Stanky Legg and I’m still not quite sure what Gangnam Style is.

Whoosh!  I think that was Rap and maybe Electric Dance Music blowing by leaving me with my collection of Van Morrison albums.

Whoosh!  That was Reality TV.

I do not take selfies and I will not “binge watch,” shows just because Netflix releases an entire season. I tweet and post on Facebook because social media is now such an important part of the news media, but I am not transfixed by the tweets and posts of others.

Follow me and friend me, but expect nothing more than the story I am working on that morning. And forgive me if I don’t give two spits that you are tanning in the Bahamas or feasting on a Cronut in Soho.

I call my jeans dungarees.  My sunglasses shades.  And the rubberized shoes I wear to the gym — sneakers.

Whoosh!  There goes a young guy with an arm covered by tattoos.

Whoosh!  Whoosh!  “American Idol,” and “Dancing with the Stars.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a “Seinfeld,” re-run to watch. Oh, but first check out this selfie — that’s me with Pharrel Williams in the background.  Almost looks like I’m on stage with him.  LOL, baby.

John Montone.

Be well.

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