NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Doctors and fitness experts have seen an increase in sports related injuries stemming from a winter of hibernation and inactivity.

Everyone wants to gravitate outdoors after a brutal winter, but as CBS 2’s Emily Smith reported, doing too much too soon could land you back on the couch.

Tyler Zimmer found that out the hard way.

“I had a fracture in my leg from playing soccer,” Zimmer said.

Tyler is in good company. Kids and parents have all experienced sprains, aches, bumps, and bruises this spring. Mike Peckins blamed him recent injury on a long, inactive winter.

“I did 25,000 steps yesterday and my back is real sore,” Peckins said.

Doctors said that since the weather has gotten warm patient after patient has come in with the same story.

“We are seeing a lot of people coming in with running injuries when you from the treadmill with your foot in one position to running outside where you get more angle, it’s affecting ankles, knees,” explained Dr. Rolland Nemirovsky, Manhattan Sports Therapy.

Parents have been urged to remind their children to stretch, loosen muscles, and ease into their workouts.

“I try to impress upon my kids to be careful and to stretch and go all out when they feel they’re ready,” Gary Zimmer said.

If exercise hurts then it’s time to stop, and if it hurts when you are doing nothing at all then you should see a doctor, experts said.

Experts also recommended treating injuries by icing them for 20 minutes at a time and then taking a 20 minute break.

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