Boomer & Carton: Boom’s Life-Altering Negotiation And Astronomical Yardage Accumulation

(Doug Pensinger / Staff - Getty Images)

(Doug Pensinger / Staff – Getty Images)

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Uncle Booms Was A Good QB

Boomer & Carton

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First Boomer talked about the art of negotiations and decision-making in regard to both his playing days and his broadcasting career.

That discussion prompted a fella named Anthony to call in and remind Boomer that he once passed for 522 yards in a game while quarterbacking the Arizona Cardinals.  From there the Booms made it pretty clear that he didn’t need much of a refresher on that fateful November (10th) day back in 1996.

Just in case he did though, Craig did his best NFL Films reenactment of Boomer’s passing orgy in Washington.