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One can never be sure what they might hear when they tune in to the Boomer & Carton Morning Experience.  For instance, when a fella by the name of Gino heard that tomorrow was Boomer’s birthday, he felt compelled to pick up the phone so that he could sing “Happy Birthday” to the Blonde Bomber from all the way down in North Carolina — which he did, but the fun didn’t stop there.

While chatting with the guys, Gino talked about his great admiration for Boomer and all that he has accomplished. (For the record, Boomer lost his mother when he was seven — not his father — as Gino indicated).

As the discussion went on, Gino mentioned how he survived being hit by a freight train as a kid, thanks in large part to his friend who “slapped the adrenaline back into him” after he had been knocked unconscious by the freakin’ freight train that hit him!!!

Something tells me we’ll be hearing from Gino again soon.

Only on the Morning Show, folks…

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