Owners: $3,000 Swiped From 12 Trucks In Single South Ozone Park Robbery

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Ice cream season is barely underway and it’s already open season on Mister Softee.

As CBS 2’s Steve Langford reported, thieves are targeting trucks, making off with thousands of dollars in cash.

A chill has descended on the ranks of Mister Softee truck vendors in Queens, as someone is cleaning out their hard-earned cash.

“They just broke into it and stole all the money we had inside,” said Mister Softee truck owner Mohamed Baksh.

Baksh said he is now out $400 on his truck alone.

At the Mister Softee parking lot in South Ozone Park, owners believe someone climbed the fence on two occasions overnight and robbed the ice cream trucks of hidden cash and change.

“He get about $3,000 because he break into 12 trucks,” said Iman Khan.

Khan, the lot owner’s wife, said the suspect smashed the serve windows on the side of the trucks to squeeze inside and grab the money.

She said there is some surveillance video, and she’s not shy about pointing the finger at an unnamed former ice cream vendor.

“We know who is it from that (surveillance video),” Khan said.

She said police have looked at the surveillance video.

The break ins don’t stop there either. The Mister Softee truck lot in Queens Village was also hit, Langford reported.

“When I go to my truck I saw the window was open, my freezer was on the floor right there. I had $170 and they took it,” said Mister Softee truck owner Nandkumar Khellawan.

More than a dozen ice cream trucks were broken into in Queens Village, Langford reported.

“I keep my door open because I think it’s a safe place, I’ve been here for 17 years,” said truck owner Giuseppe Salamone.

New security cameras are being installed, signaling a tough new posture of no more ‘Mister Softie.’

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