NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The thought of things falling from the sky in New York City likely conjures less-than-pleasant images – such as the sloppy upstairs neighbor dropping a cigarette butt from an open window, or garbage bags falling being dropped into the gangway and attracting rats.

But how about a grilled cheese sandwich, wrapped in paper, and fluttering down with a cute little parachute?

Believe it or not, an Australian company has announced plans to bring just that to an as-yet-unspecified New York City street sometime soon.

Jafflechutes markets itself as Melbourne’s first “float-down eatery,” dropping parachute-enabled jaffles – as toasted sandwiches are known in Australia – to a waiting crowd on a sidewalk below.

Users pay in advance via PayPal — $5 in Australian dollars for a cheese and tomato jaffle, or $6 for cheese and ham. Afterward, they are notified of a secret location where an X is set up to mark a spot, and they wait for the “jafflechutes” to drop from a window above.

“The Jafflechutes story started with a plan to create pocket parachutes for people who live on fifth floors and forget their keys. That market seemed a bit niche, so we began talking food instead,” the Jafflechutes website said.

Late last month, the company has successfully funded a North American tour, and New Yorkers – as well as residents of Montreal – will soon see jafflechutes on their sidewalks too.

Jafflechutes has yet to announce a date for its New York debut.

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