(TiqIQ/CBS) – The New York Jets finished the 2013 season with an 8-8 record, despite early predictions from many they could be the worst team in the league. During this offseason they worked on improving an inconsistent offense by adding receiver Eric Decker, running back Chris Johnson, and quarterback Michael Vick, and could add more offensive playmakers in the upcoming draft. Things could be looking up for the 2014 NFL season. For Jets fans looking to attend home games at MetLife Stadium, it won’t be cheap on the secondary market. The average price for Jets tickets is $282.39, and the least expensive game still averages over $200.

Below is a breakdown of each home game and average price on the 2014 New York Jets schedule, according to TiqIQ.

Week 1 – Oakland Raiders | Avg. Price: $239.60 | Get-in Price: $50

The Jets and Oakland Raiders played each other last season, and it was one of the Jets better performances. They scored a season-high 37 points to collect their sixth win of the season. This season the two teams play in the Jets home opener, and it is one of the cheaper games on the Jets schedule. The $239.60 is 15 percent below the season average, and the $50 get-in price is only $4 more than the cheapest home game.

Week 3 – Chicago Bears | Avg. Price: $272.81 | Get-in Price: $65

The Jets play the NFC North this season, and this is game one of two-straight against the Black and Blue division. The Chicago Bears were a win away from winning the NFC North last season, and this year they’re one of the Jets’ two Monday Night Football games. They’re also one of the more expensive games on the Jets schedule. At $272.81 they’re three percent below the season average, but are the third most expensive game on this list.

Week 4 – Detroit Lions | Avg. Price: $227.81 | Get-in Price: $46

It’s quite the opposite for the Jets’ second NFC North battle. Lions tickets are some of the cheapest on the Jets schedule, and the get-in price of $46 is the cheapest ticket you’ll find. The Lions have historically been an underwhelming team, and last season they certainly underachieved. But they have some of the most talented players in the league, and could turn out to be a true postseason contender. If that’s the case, these tickets might be the best value. The average price is 19 percent below the season average at $227.81 a ticket.

Week 6 – Denver Broncos | Avg. Price: $341.61 | Get-in Price: $79

The most expensive game on the list features last season’s AFC Champion. Peyton Manning scorned the Jets when he was a free agent, and went to a Denver Broncos team that has become the most prolific offense in the NFL. In the offseason they added Demarcus Ware, Aqib Talib, and TJ Ward to bolster their defense. That’s enough star power to make this, by far, the most expensive game on the Jets schedule. At $341.61 the tickets are 21 percent above the season average, and almost $50 more than the next expensive game. The $79 get-in price is also the most expensive on the schedule and almost $10 more than the next highest.

Week 8 – Buffalo Bills | Avg. Price $217.56 | Get-in Price: $49

Ticket prices come back down for the Jets division rival. Last season Geno Smith threw for over 300 yards against the Buffalo Bills, the only time he eclipsed the mark all season. While the Bills returned the favor in Buffalo later in the season, they’ve rarely been a contender in terms of the postseason. It’s not crazy then that the $217.56 average is the cheapest you’ll find on the schedule. The $49 get-in price is only a little more expensive than the Lions game.

Week 10 – Pittsburgh Steelers | Avg. Price $299 | Get-in Price: $70

The Pittsburgh Steelers were one of just two teams the Jets lost to at home last season. Dick LeBeau’s defense confused Smith, and the Jets could only score six points. But Steelers fans have always traveled well and that helps make this the second most expensive game on the Jets schedule only behind the Broncos. With an average price of $299, tickets are 6 percent above the season average, and the get-in price is $70.

Week 13 – Miami Dolphins | Avg. Price: $250.13 | Get-in Price: $54

The Dolphins were the second team the Jets lost to at home last season, and the Jets had an equally awful offensive output, only scoring three points in the game. It was also a game Smith played so poorly that Matt Simms came in to play the second half. So even for a division opponent and a Monday Night Football game, prices are just middle of the pack. At $250.13 tickets are 11 percent below the average price, but is the median price on the schedule. The get-in price of $54 is also right smack in the middle.

Week 16 – New England Patriots | Avg. Price: $250.13 | Get-in Price: $68

After two weeks on the road there is another division opponent, and another $250.13 average price. The New England Patriots are usually more of a draw than the Dolphins and that’s reflected in the $68 get-in price. Only the Steelers and Broncos games cost more. But even with the relatively high price, Jets fans will be happy if the Jets can pull off another victory at home against their hated rivals, a season after beating them in overtime.

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