There are several good Indian food trucks and carts in NYC, but you don’t often see korma on the menu. At home, we often order chicken or shrimp korma, but with the dish having a creamy sauce, it’s a bit too fragile for street food.

That’s why we were surprised to see chicken korma on the new menu from Mausam Curry ‘N Bites. It was certainly worth checking out for $9.

Mausam Curry ‘N  Bites had several new items on the menu besides korma. One of the more intriguing dishes was called Chetinad, which included tamarind and coconut in the sauce.

Korma is a good choice for those of you who don’t like strong Indian spices. It’s a cashew-based sauce that is sweet and creamy, but in this case, the heat did sneak up on you as the meal progressed.

There were plenty of large chunks of boneless chicken, which were soft and tender. We like to put the chicken and sauce over the rice. This makes the rice nice and tasty when there’s no more chicken.

The rice was white basmati rice, which had a few pieces of steamed broccoli, and was properly cooked.

(credit: Perry R.)

(credit: Perry R.)

Lunch comes with a piece of grilled chapati bread. Another way to eat this dish is to tear off pieces of the bread and scoop up the chicken.

On the side were a couple of pieces of a red something or other. Upon tasting it, we think it was some kind of pickled vegetable, but cannot be more exact than that. It had a very strong, vinegary taste, which was somewhat jarring after eating the relatively mild, creamy sauce.

Mausam Curry ‘N Bites makes the rounds of various business neighborhoods for lunch. You can find them on Twitter here, or on the Mobile Munchies Twitter feed.

Next time, we want to try the Chetinad, with a tamarind and coconut sauce. That sounds really interesting.

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