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With Boomer back from Boston College after attending his daughter’s graduation, it was all about the Rangers early and often — and for good reason I might add.

Craig boldly stated on Monday that if the Rangers won Game 2 in Montreal, they would be headed to the Stanley Cup Final. And to Boomer’s dismay, after the 3-1 Blueshirts victory, Craigie wasn’t backing off that mantra — touch the cup, touch the cup, touch the cup.

So Boomer was forced to reiterate his ‘one shift, one period, one game’ credo as he tried to make it crystal clear that he does not agree with his boisterous radio partner’s take with regard to the cup-starved Rangers.

It wasn’t all about the hockey though, after Craig called for the tin foil so that he could construct a Stanley Cup for the Booms, he was certain to mention the fact that tonight is a ‘Tanaka Tuesday,’ as Masahiro will take the hill for the Bombers in Chicago against the Cubs.  Boomer lets us know that with the Rangers not in action, he’ll be rooting on his Mets as they host the Dodgers at Citi Field and will have Rafael Montero handling the pitching duties looking for his first win in the big leagues…

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