A relatively new food truck called Schnitzi has been on the NYC streets over the past month or so, but they are not newcomers to NYC.

Schnitzi started in 2007 with a store in Brooklyn, and they now have two (in Coney Island and Boro Park). They also have a food truck, which was pretty busy at lunch yesterday.

One of the reasons they were so busy is because of the old adage – location, location, location. The truck is Glatt Kosher, and was parked on 46th St between 5th & 6th Ave. That’s one street south of the Diamond District, which has a lot of observant Jews working on the block.

To paraphrase an old rye bread commercial, “you don’t have to be Jewish to love Schnitzi”. While the prices are on the high side, kosher food often is because of the guidelines to which they have to adhere to obtain the kosher certification.

The menu has 9 different types of schnitzel, which cost $12.50 each for a large baguette or wrap, and there are burgers and salads too. You can see the menu here.

We ordered the French Schnitzi with lettuce, pickles and grilled onions. Tomatoes and raw onions were also available.

There are also many sauces to choose from, so we asked the server for his suggestion, which was quick and definitive. He liked garlic mayo, pesto sauce and honey mustard on the French Schnitzi. Guess we weren’t the first ones to ask, and it sounded good.

(credit: Perry R.)

(credit: Perry R.)

We always suggest asking the servers for their opinion. Nobody knows the menu better.

The baguette was loaded with golden, crispy, deep-fried chicken cutlets. The sauces were a nice combination, with garlic, honey mustard and a creamy herb dressing all being readily apparent and adding to the mix. We particularly enjoyed the pickles in there, too.

What made the French Schnitzi different was they put mustard on the chicken before dipping it into bread crumbs and deep-frying. That sounds like a lot of mustard, but it was piquant, not overwhelming.

The bread was good. It had to be a foot long, and was crunchy and soft at the same time. Did we mention that both white and whole wheat baguettes were available, as well as wraps?

Spending $12.50 on a schnitzel sandwich is a little on the high side, especially with Schnitzel & Things serving schnitzel platters for $10 (which includes 2 side dishes).

However, the food quality at Schnitzi was very good, and the variety of schnitzels was out of this world. Where else can you find Greek, Spanish, Polish, Yemeni, Chinese (?) and Indian (??) schnitzel.

You can find The Schnitzi Truck on Twitter here or on the Mobile Munchies Twitter feed. Their website is here.

(credit: Perry R.)

(credit: Perry R.)


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