We ran yet across another new food truck on 52nd St & 6th Ave. a couple of days ago. The name of the food truck is The Sandwich Factory, and they are the third glatt kosher food truck we’ve seen in the past couple of months.

Similar to the other kosher truck we recently reviewed, The Sandwich Factory also serves chicken schnitzel sandwiches, with 3 different variations here. The menu also includes falafel, chicken shawarma, burgers, baby chicken and steak sandwiches.

After seeing the chicken roasting on a spit inside the truck, we decided to order the chicken shawarma for $8.50. As is our wont, we asked for no tomatoes.

According to the guy on the truck, they have been around for about a month. We have no idea why glatt kosher trucks have been popping up lately. In the past few years, there has been a Kosher Oasis food cart and a Quick Stop Kosher food truck in Midtown, but they both have been out of business for a while.

(credit: Perry R.)

(credit: Perry R.)

Getting back to the office, we opened up the sandwich. There was a piece of wax paper covering the pita bread opening, which kept everything inside the bread, but they obviously missed the “no tomato” request. Tomatoes make for a nicer photo, but it’s not to our taste.

With the chicken being cut fresh off the spit roaster, the meat was nice and juicy without adding any sauce. We did get white sauce and hot sauce on the side to see how they were, though.

Besides the meat, which was plentiful, there were cucumbers, tomatoes (boo!) and pickles. We do like it when pickles are included on shawarma sandwiches. Many vendors include pickles in their shawarma sandwiches, but not all.

The white sauce wasn’t the white sauce served by most halal carts in the city, which is mayo-based. The white sauce here was actually tahini, a vast improvement. The tahini was fairly thick and added a nice sesame flavor.

The hot sauce was also a bit of a surprise. Instead of a tabasco-type hot sauce, this hot sauce was pulpy, with lots of seeds. As a result, it was hotter than the standard street food hot sauce.

The pita bread was soft, but as often happens with pita, it broke in the middle during lunch. This made it somewhat messy to eat.

The chicken shawarma sandwich from The Sandwich Factory may not be the best one in the city, but it was a perfectly respectable sandwich made with real chicken (not that processed junk), sliced fresh off the spit when ordered.

(credit: Perry R.)

(credit: Perry R.)

Even though The Sandwich Factory says they park every weekday on 52nd St & 6th Ave, you can check their Twitter here or Facebook here to be sure.

Their website is here, which includes a menu, but it should be noted the prices on the truck were less than the prices listed on the website. No idea why.

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