PLAINVIEW, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Graduation was poised to be double the fun at a Long Island high school this year, as 10 sets of multiples – twins and triplets – were set to graduate in the same senior class.

In the halls of John F. Kennedy High School in the Plainview-Old Bethpage School district, one often sees double.

“In the beginning it was hard to figure out which was which – I’m sure they had that same problem with us, but I think now we’ve got the hang of it,” said Robert Rothenberg, graduating with identical twin Alex Rothenberg.

It is a senior class with multiple multiples — nine pairs of twins and one set of triplets. So many like-pairs make this graduating class unlike others.

“It’s like, so weird to walk around and you see so many twins,” said Deniz Harned.

“And a lot of them — we are always walking together,” added her fraternal twin sister, Ariel Harned.

“It’s nice because everyone sort of gets, you know, the relationship,” said Rahul Chabria, who is graduating with his fraternal twin sister, Trisha.

The chances of a person being a twin is 3 percent, so in a class of 369, to have 21 twins or triplets is almost double the odds.

Principal, John F. Kennedy HS, Plainview-Old Bethpage School District

“It is very unique for us. It really is,” said John F. Kennedy High School principal James Murray. “This is a special year. It’s not like this the preceding year or the following year.”

The Rothenbergs have identical genes, but different teams.

“I’m a Met fan, he’s a Yankee fan; I’m a Jet fan, he’s a giant fan,” Robert Rothenberg said.

The Harneds share a birthday, and most everything else.

“I think its special,” Deniz said.

“Growing up with your own best friend,” added Ariel. “I think I can count the number of days we’ve spent apart on one hand.”

Together in the district as kindergarteners, almost all the twins and triplets grew up together — giving teachers trouble with so many body doubles.

“They constantly would be like, ‘You don’t know who I am,’” said business teacher Jennifer Santorello.

“Just last week, I went into (Alex’s) health class being him, and asked someone to the prom, because they thought it was him, but I wasn’t. It was another set of twins, actually,” Robert Rothenberg said.

Only one pair – fraternal twin sisters Marjon and Freshta Karimzada – is going to college together. The rest will separate for the first time.

“Well, we’re actually pretty relieved, because it’ll be some nice distance that we can use,” said Lisa Rosenstein, who attends the school with triplets Jon and Jake Rosenstein.

There was actually an eleventh set of twins, but they recently moved away. Graduation is June 29, and the faculty said it will be double the pride.

School officials do not know why this senior class had so many multiples, but the odds are steadily on the rise due in part of fertility advances.

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