NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Brooklyn bar is stirring things up with its cocktail menu, which reportedly has separate drink specials for men and women.

The drinks labeled “For Men” have higher “extra alcohol,” and drinks “For Ladies” have “light alcohol” at Los Pollitos III restaurant in Clinton Hill, according to published reports.

The “For Ladies” drink offerings include a glass of wine, Kahlua & cream, Bailey’s and Alize. Drinks “For Men” include concoctions called “Mexican Ice Tea,” “Cucaracha Bomb,” and “El Toro,” all of which have a variety of mixed ingredients.

The offerings have gotten people talking to 1010 WINS’ John Montone, who took to Times Square to see what they thought.

A woman named Natasha told Montone her drink of choice was “Scotch, or whisky, neat.”

Montone called the drink a “a pretty potent potable.”

“No ice, no lies, and it’s there,” Natasha said.

A man named Ivan told Montone his wife drinks him under the table every time.

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