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After hearing about our boy Tommy “can you hear me” Lugauer – aka ‘Molly’ (pictured) — and his disappointing Saturday night with regards to talking to members of the opposite sex at the Island Mermaid out on Fire Island, Jerry Recco got the focus back onto the world of sports. He began with a preview of tonight’s Game 3 at MSG between the Kings and the Rangers, which has Blueshirts head Coach Alain Vigneault talking about a “must-win.”

Boomer & Craig talked about the interference call that wasn’t in Game 2, which resulted in a goal for the Kings. According to the Booms, that was an absolute game-changer.

Plus, LeBron James and the Heat even things up with the Spurs after a 98-96 Game 2 win in San Antonio. Craig questions Gregg Popovich’s late-game strategy, Boomer wonders where LeBron’s paranoia stems from and both the Yankees & Mets just keep losing…

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