NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)The Chipped Cup coffeehouse in Harlem caught a man on surveillance camera allegedly reaching into the tip jar and swiping cash this week.

In images posted to Imgur, the coffeehouse at 3610 Broadway displayed the man standing at the counter facing a barista shortly before 8 p.m. Monday, and apparently reaching into the tip jar when the barista was otherwise occupied.

The barista, Brendan Cayton, told the New York Post that shortly after the man left, he noticed there were only $2 and change left in the tip jar when there should have been $30 or $40. He told the newspaper he tried to chase the man but it was too late.

Chipped Cup owner Andrew Ding told the newspaper he was alerted to the theft soon afterward, and said the alleged thief was “cunning,” lifting the bag so a woman in line behind him could not see what he was doing as he reached two or three times into the tip jar.

The coffeehouse posted the surveillance images of the man to Facebook shortly after the Monday night incident.

“Dear tip thief – we don’t know the circumstances that led to what you did, but this is no way to go about things if you’re strapped for cash,” the Imgur post with the images read. “Our employees work very hard to keep this boat afloat and, well, what you did was just plain crappy.”

Ding told the Post he wanted to raise awareness about the incident, but did not necessarily want the man to get in trouble.

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