BRIGHTON BEACH, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — In Brooklyn’s predominantly-Russian neighborhood of Brighton Beach, residents rallied on the boardwalk in support of Israel Sunday, CBS 2’s Matt Kozar reported.

Despite the bitter fighting and death on both sides, people at a pro-Israel rally say Israel is doing the right thing by defending itself.

“I was 8 years old when my parents were killed by Nazis,” Holocaust survivor Fire Stukelman said.

Stukelman told CBS 2 she spent four years in a concentration camp in Ukraine.

On Sunday, she and others at the rally said they are worried about their family living in Israel.

“They cannot stay in freedom because Hamas kills them,” Stukelman said.

“Almost all of us have parents, children, relatives and friends in Israel and their lives are in danger,” Gregory Davidson said.

Local rallies like the one in Brighton Beach in support of Israel come on the heels of condemnation from the United States and United Nations for an Israeli airstrike near a school serving as a U.N. shelter, Kozar reported.

Ten people died and 35 were injured when an Israeli missile hit near the school’s entrance. The Israeli army said it was targeting militants on a motorcycle and not the school. It is the second time since the conflict started that a school serving as a U.N. shelter has been hit.

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