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With the Yankees getting rained out in Baltimore and the Mets being, well, the Mets, Jerry’s update began with and featured a plethora of NFL audio, as the Jets and Giants continue to prepare for the upcoming season.

Rex Ryan is showing great faith in Antonio Hill by matching him up one-on-one with A.J. Green for Saturday’s preseason tilt in Cincinnati, and Craig would like to introduce Stephen Hill to Yanks pitcher Michael Pineda with hopes of curing his case of dropsies.

As for Big Blue, Tom Coughlin is talking about making the transition to a new offensive system, while rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. thinks the Giants offense could be one of the best in the entire league — how about that!!

Plus, Jerry has his knowledge of New York bridges tested, Craig has friends who buy illegal drugs in Mexico, the Cowboys and the Raiders brawl during a joint practice, Michael Pineda returns tonight for the Bombers and the Mets lost to the Nationals 7-1 at Citi Field…

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