Last week we told you about Brooklyn’s Grandma Pizza Truck. This week we had another pizza lunch from a food truck. This one was a 10″ personal pizza from Neapolitan Express.

It was a bad day for carnivores at Neapolitan Express. We got to the truck around 1pm and wanted the Pizza a Diavolo, but they were out of spicy sopressata sausage. Second choice was Pizza di Parma, but we were told they were out of proscuitto di parma, too.

Oh, well. Let’s get as far away from the meats as possible. The Verde Pizza for $11 should do the trick.

Things were a little chaotic in the truck, and the person working on the dough ended up topping our pizza instead of the toppings person. This was both a good and bad thing.

On the plus side, there were so many greens put on our pizza that we could barely see the pizza for the forest. On the minus side, she forgot to slice the pizza, and we ended up having to use a knife and fork, which goes against everything we believe in as a New Yorker. Just ask Jon Stewart.

At Neapolitan Express, they bake the basic pizza (tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese) and add the toppings after it comes out of the oven.

On the Verde Pizza, the toppings were kale, arugula, parmesan, black olives, olive oil, sea salt and black pepper.

(credit: Perry R.)

(credit: Perry R.)

It was good, but at a certain point we gave up on the plastic knife and fork, folded over the pizza, and ate the rest of it the way pizza was meant to be eaten – folded over.

The crust was good, with a little crispiness on the edge, a little chewiness in the center, and some char on the bottom.

In our first review of Neapolitan Express in March 2013, we explained all the ways they are helping to make NYC a greener place, such as the fuel used for the truck, and the packaging used for the pizza. Verde Pizza is another way they are making NYC even greener.

You can find Neapolitan Express on Twitter here, on Facebook here, and their website is here.

(credit: Perry R.)

(credit: Perry R.)


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