Boomer & Carton: Boomer’s Football Life, As Told By Craig Carton

(Photo By: Stephen Dunn/Allsport/Getty Images)

(Photo By: Stephen Dunn/Allsport/Getty Images)

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Boomer's Football Life

wfan door Boomer & Carton: Boomers Football Life, As Told By Craig Carton
Boomer & Carton

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During this entertaining segment, first we got taken for a little stroll down memory lane, as Craig read aloud about some of Boomer’s accomplishments on the gridiron, while the Blonde Bomber blushed.

Then Craig had some nice things to say about his old buddy Jim ‘Hello Friends’ Nantz before ripping into the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen for what Craigie calls an injustice – which took place at Boomer’s Friar’s Club Roast a while back.

Never a dull moment folks…