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This terrific Tuesday edition of the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza — make that a ‘positive Tuesday,’ according to Craig — began with the guys discussing the Giants’ struggling offense, this after Eli Manning came out and claimed everything was going to be alright.

That certainly remains to be seen, so the Dynamic Radio Duo offered their two cents.  Boomer talked about how veterans perceive the preseason, before saying Eli looks more like ‘Mr. Rogers’ than Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers of course, was Giants’ offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo’s signal caller when he served as the Packers quarterback coach.

As for the baseball locals, the Yankees get back after tonight at the Stadium where they will welcome the Astros.  According to Craig, the next six games will make or break the Bomber’s season.  The Mets failure to hit in abundance lead to another setback, 4-1 to the Cubs as the ‘Not So Amazins’ downward spiral continues.

All of that brings us to Cleveland rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel, who made the news cycle after flipping the bird at the Redskins bench during last night’s preseason affair.  Craig called it no big deal, while Boomer said that ‘Johnny Football’ is not even close to being ready and is becoming hated around the league…

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