SELDEN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Suffolk County boy was being hailed as a hero Tuesday night for saving his mother’s life after she had a seizure.

As TV 10/55 Long Island Bureau Chief Richard Rose reported, Michael Sitler, 7, of Selden became an honorary firefighter on Tuesday in recognition of his actions.

“We had a little bit of crying time, but then I called the cops and then they came straight over,” Michael said.

Michael was humble about the 911 call he made Friday night to save his mother’s life when she collapsed on the floor of their home.

“I screamed for my son, and I wanted to say, ‘Call 911,’ but it didn’t come out. It just felt like I was swallowing my tongue,” said Michael’s mother, Sunny Sitler. “So right there, I kind of knew I was having a seizure.”

Selden firefighters said what Michael did next saved his mother’s life, when he called 911 and stayed on the phone to help emergency responders find their home in just minutes.

“I just tried to not cry, just so I could sound more clear,” Michael said.

But Selden firefighters said they were most impressed with home Michael showed courage and composure in the middle of what was a chaotic family scene.

“His 4-year-old sister was crying, his dog was barking, and his mom was on the floor, and his dad was at work,” said Selden Fire Department Chief David Panebianco. “He handled it like a champ.”

Michael also managed to give the first responder his father’s phone number so they could reach him at work.

Michael’s father, Michael Sitler Sr., said his son deserves credit for saving his wife’s life.

“God forbid if he didn’t know what to do or if he panicked,” Sitler Sr. said.

Emergency dispatcher Marlow Van Houten took the call. She said Michael’s steady responses allowed emergency responders to arrive in just three minutes.

“Whenever you get a child get on, you immediately feel extra nervous,” Van Houten said. “But he was amazing.”

Selden firefighters inducted Michael Tuesday night as an honorary junior firefighter Tuesday night, and he liked that just fine.

“It would be cool for me to put out fires and stuff like that – and you get a big hose,” Michael said.

Selden firefighters said they already know Michael is brave enough to do it all.

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