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With the Yankees winning their fifth straight, Craig “the Yankee fan” was all sorts of fired up this Tuesday morning, telling anyone who would listen to “get on the train now.” He then deduced that there must be something special in the water at the stadium in the Bronx.

Whatever it is, the Yanks trail the AL East-leading Orioles by six games — with eight head-to-head matchups remaining — and are just 2 1/2 games out of the Wild Card as they embark on what Boomer is calling a “money spot of the season.” And for good measure, they could be getting Masahiro Tanaka back sometime soon.

Shifting gears to the gridiron, Craigie heard that Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo finally blew his top on Monday at practice. He couldn’t help but smile and imagine out loud what McAdoo might have said to his team…

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