NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — An upcoming visit to the area by President Obama has tongues wagging in Westchester, where some are wondering whether the president is considering a move to New York.

The president is coming to Westchester County on Friday, with two fundraisers on his schedule including one down at the end of a shaded drive, past the security gate in the exclusive New Rochelle community called ‘Premium Point.’

As CBS 2’s Lou Young reported, the stop has prompted local bloggers to suggest that the Obamas could be house hunting among the stunning collection of waterfront residences.

“It’s kind of fun speculation. I think folks in New Rochelle would be excited about the idea. The fact is he will be looking for a home somewhere around here so why not New Rochelle?” pondered Robert Cox, Talk of the Sound.

Similar stories followed President Obama’s recent trips to Palm Springs, California suggesting that he might want to remain within easy flying distance of his roots in Hawaii.

A move to Westchester would follow the path of Bill and Hillary Clinton, who also looked at houses along the Westchester Sound shore 14 years ago, before deciding to settle up-county in Chappaqua.

But not everyone is excited about the possibility of having the Obamas move to town.

“We don’t need the disruption Clinton caused up in Chappaqua,” Bob Dowling said.

Dowling owns a gas station on US-1 where ‘no parking’ signs were already causing headaches ahead of Friday’s visit.

There is at least one Premium Point property on the market, listed at just under $8-million, including the type of upgrades that could support a presidential entourage.

Potential neighbors were split on the topic.

“It’s a great place to live. Well isn’t it the highest taxed county in the entire United States? He should come here and pay taxes,” New Rochelle resident, Teresa Laughlin said.

“I don’t think I would like that. Too much congestion. This is a nice quiet neighborhood and I personally don’t like them very much,” New Rochelle resident Tami Santagelo said.

People who do like the Obamas are lining up to pay more than $32,000 for the fundraisers, an amount that while high, still wouldn’t cover the annual property taxes for most of the homes in the neighborhood.

Speculation about a New York move was further fueled by the announcement that President Obama plans to donate some of his presidential papers to Columbia University.

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