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After Boomer and Craig got through expressing their feelings on the morning show’s seventh anniversary celebration, which arrived this morning in the form of a breakfast spread from Kitchen Cabaret, Jerry Recco’s update got underway, beginning with the Yankees’ latest setback, a 9-4 loss to the Red Sox at the Stadium, which was lowlighted by some shoddy base running courtesy of the Bombers.

Plus, David Wright leads the way for a Mets win and Craig thinks he knows what Matt Harvey is up to.

Wes Welker (pictured) gets suspended for four games after a positive drug test – reports are that the Broncos wide receiver took the recreational drug ‘Molly’ mixed with amphetamines, a substance banned by the NFL.  After discussing the effects of the trendy drug, Craig imagined what it might be like to be high on the ‘Molly’…

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