NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The quest for the fountain of youth continues with no shortage of new cosmetic procedures.

Now, CBS2′ Kristine Johnson is taking a look at three of the latest and greatest ideas that claim to make everything from your eyes to your legs look younger.

Olya Kislin, 44, recently had a facelift, but it’s not what you think.

“I’m very pleasantly surprised, and happy,” said Kislin.

She had a new procedure called the Inside Out Facelift, which was actually performed by her dentist.

“You can have this procedure and go out to lunch right afterward,” said Dr. Lana Rozenberg.

The treatment uses a laser on the inside of the mouth to treat the saggy, creased skin on the outside, Dr. Rozenberg explained.

“It actually stimulates production of collagen fibers to tighten the tissue,” she said.

Less painful and less expensive than a traditional facelift, the Inside Out, according to Dr. Rozenberg, produces noticeable results within three sessions or less — a couple hundred dollars a pop.

“It’s another alternative to injectables,” said Dr. Rozenberg.

You may not realize it, but your eyes can also reveal your age. For starters, doctors say the dark ring around the iris fades.

“The white part of the eye could change, become less white, more pronounced with blood vessels,” said Dr. Mitch Cassel.

But now, new anti-aging contact lenses promise to take years off your eyes.

“The contact lenses naturally accentuate the eye,” said Dr. Cassel.

Dr. Cassel, an optometrist, specializes in cosmetic contacts.

“It can make a difference in many patients,” he said. “Making you eye look brighter, whiter, kind of more alert looking.”

Then there’s the condition that affects 90 percent of aging women and 10 percent of aging men: cellulite.

“I’ve tried the lotions and the creams,” said Michelle Benoit.

But nothing has worked on Benoit’s cellulite. Now, she’s about to have a brand new procedure called Cellfina.

“I’m pretty excited about it, it’s a simple procedure,” said plastic surgeon Dr. Haideh Hirmand.

A simple procedure that uses a hand-held device that claims to force the release of fibrous bands under the skin that create that dimpled look.

Dr. Hirmand likens it to the holy grail of cellulite treatments because results are supposed to last a year.

“There is really no down time, there is really no scar and you can really see the results within a few days,” said Dr. Hirmand.

All of these new options have recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but doctors say results can vary depending on the patient.

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