In this installment of “22 Minutes,” 1010 WINS anchor Brigitte Quinn sits down with the one and only Bill Nye “The Science Guy.”

Nye opened up about his views on climate change, the importance of space research, and the influence planetary astronomer Carl Sagan had on his career.

BQ: You’ve been talking about some pretty serious things lately, including global warming.

BN: Climate change is the most serious problem facing humankind. People may disagree with me. There’s a climate denier, there’s a couple guys who are notorious. I offered one of them $10,000, a bet that 2016 will prove to be one of the hottest of the last 10 years and that 2010-2020 will be the hottest decade recorded so far, and did he take the bet? No. None of them would take the bet! The world is getting warmer, there is more energy in the atmosphere.

BQ: What do people have to do to tackle this problem?

BN: It’s very reasonable that we have enough energy in the wind and direct sunlight to power all of North America if we just did it. We have tremendous wind resources offshore. The continental shelf is not especially deep, so the same technology that’s used to build drilling platforms for oil could be used to build wind turbines.

BQ: What do you think is the greatest, most recent invention?

BN: The internet has changed the world. And the internet, I claim, is a consequence of having a space program. The internet was basically a form of communication that started at academic institutions that had connections with NASA funded research. Just that they had a need. Keep that in mind– we don’t spend that much money on space right now, it’s about .4 percent of the federal budget, but it’s worth it!

BQ: Was taking a class with Carl Sagan a seminal moment for you?

BN: Seminal semester. I took it as an elective. I took one class from Carl Sagan. The course changed my life. The climate models that we use today, the computer models, are not entirely based on Sagan, but they’re derivative.

Nye also discussed the beginning of his career and his iconic show combining science and comedy.

BN: I wanted to change the world and get young people excited about science.

Check out the full interview above.

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