CBS2 Exclusive: Woman Talks About Violent Ambush Robbery At Hands Of Teens In Brooklyn

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A mob of teens was caught on surveillance video this week terrorizing a Brooklyn neighborhood, and the woman they attacked was sharing her story Friday night.

She spoke exclusively to CBS2’s Valerie Castro.

The chilling video shows a mob of teenage boys and girls on bicycles, scooters and on foot, making their way down a street in Bushwick as they look for a vulnerable victim to ambush.

“I just thought that I really don’t want to die,” the woman said.

The woman, who did not want CBS2 to use her name, ended up as their target.

“I have a bump right here on my head and on the side as well,” she said.

The attack happened this past Monday night on Evergreen Avenue.

“I don’t know when they saw my approaching. I don’t know when they saw me at all,” the woman said. “On the video, it seems like they did know that I was coming.”

In the video, several of the teens were seen hiding behind the street side of a white van.

The group waited until their victim was in the darkest part of the sidewalk and under the shadow of a large tree.

The group is seen jumping her, pulling her to the ground while kicking and punching her. They even threaten her with a weapon.

“That’s when the guy pulled out the gun and put it to the back of my head,” the woman said. “I could feel it, and he told me to shut up and not make sound or he’ll shoot me.”

The woman said the teen with the gun grew angry searching for her wallet.

“He told me repeatedly, ‘Shut up! and he was kicking me,” the woman said. “I kept saying it’s in my bag, it’s in my bag.”

Eventually, they found the woman’s wallet in her shopping bag and ran away.

The victim posted a letter in her building, recounting the sneak attack to warn her neighbors.

“Even if you feel really safe, and I’ve felt safe this whole year, there’s still things that can happen,” she said. “You just never know.”

As for the attackers, the woman said they hardly got away with anything at all.

“They assaulted someone over $30 and I had a coloring book in my bag,” she said. “That’s all I had.”

She hopes someone recognizes the teens and turns them in.


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  1. The Facts says:

    The usual mongrels.

  2. midiman says:

    All I can say is, we need a better Mayor. This one is no good.

  3. Jelly says:

    As idiotic as this “unchained” twit is, you have to hand it to her, or any white person moving in to the neighborhood, not long ago a white walking in bushwick at night would have to be suicidal, unheard of. If they can drive the baboons out of brooklyn, all the better.

  4. paul johnson says:

    baboons on the loose again? Animal control has been so busy lately!!!!

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