Security Tight In New York City Following Chelsea Bombing

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Investigators aren’t ruling out terrorism as the motive behind the bombing in Chelsea on Saturday night that injured 29 people.

Security is tight in the neighborhood and in areas around New York City that could be vulnerable to a terrorist attack.

CBS2’s Steve Langford reported the perpetrators behind the explosion on West 23rd Street and the second pressure cooker device on West 27th Street succeeded in getting the city’s attention.

CHELSEA EXPLOSION: ‘Intentional’ Blast On W. 23rd Street; 29 Hurt | Sources: 2nd Device On W. 27th Pressure Cooker | Mayor: No Specific, Credible Threat To NYC 

“I am concerned,” NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said. “We did have a bomb that was detonated on 23rd Street and we have no one apprehended, so of course I’m concerned.”

The inevitable downside for the party or parties responsible for this violence is that all the attention is not going to end well for them.

“You will see a very substantial NYPD presence this week, bigger than ever,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

While a joint task force of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies hunt down leads and suspects, NYPD personnel will be seen on the streets of the city, including heavy weapons teams on guard around town, along with heightened transit city.

“We’ll be doing enhanced bag checks throughout the city, not just in the major hubs, but we pick random stations throughout the city,” NYPD Chief of Department Carlos Gomez said.

Manny Gomez, corporate security expert and former FBI special agent, said the suspect or suspects in the Chelsea bombing and Seaside Park, New Jersey, explosion may be amateurs, but so far they’re still free.

“We don’t have the resources to keep track of everybody that’s out there and a potential attacker, this is like trying to empty the ocean onto the beach,” Gomez said.

He continued, “Now we’re at a level of alert that this city has never seen since 9/11.”

NYPD sources said authorities have found an image in surveillance video showing a man “dropping” something near a dumpster prior to the blast in Chelsea that injured over two dozen people.

NYPD sources told CBS2 the person has not been identified, but they want to talk to him and others seen on video as potential witnesses in the area prior to the blast on West 23rd Street.

Police also have images from the second scene where a pressure cooker device failed to detonate on West 27th Street. Sources told CBS2 there are images of a man carrying what appears to be some type of case. They are looking to identify that individual as a potential witness and stopped short of calling him a suspect.

Police are using facial recognition software linked to criminal mug shot databases to try and identify.

NYPD sources also told CBS2 it is too early to tell if the devices are connected, despite reports linking the bombings in New York City and Seaside Park, New Jersey.

Sources said that there is no video or forensic evidence to support the theory that the same person was responsible for the bombing in Chelsea on Saturday night that injured 29 people and the pipe bombs in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

However, they have not ruled out a possible connection as both devices used cellphones as detonators, but that is common in explosive devices.


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  1. Dan says:

    I’d like to say I feel compassion for you but when I keep reading that New Yorkers are voting for Hillary, well even us dyed-in-the-wool Midwest democrats have figured out who is really wanting to look out for us. So, unless and until you change, continue to live with your poor decisions. Better clean your guns…oh that’s right, you can’t be trusted with them. Well, pray that ‘Mother Earth’ watches over you.

  2. Quagmire says:

    This entire time I have been dismissing Trump as some sort of loose cannon that I would never vote for. But as I watch the Democrats running around in denial over the terrorist link in New York this weekend and how they go out of their way to denounce any connection to terrorist has infuriated me. It has also made me realize that Trump is the only candidate who is committed to facing the harsh reality and committed to making the hard choices to protect the country. I have done a 180 and he now gets my vote.

  3. Jason says:

    MORE VOTES for Trump !!! Will he WIN New York State?

  4. Dan English says:

    The only thing to do in my mind when these idiots are apprehended and convicted is once guilt is established beyond a reasonable doubt, bath them in pig lard and hang them in public. That is the only way to deter these crazed individuals. Make them believe they won’t transition into their idea of “heaven”

  5. BarryHObama says:

    DeBlasio == ISLAMIC TERROR

  6. Kiley says:

    The last thing we’ll hear from Obama is, “The missiles are flying….Allahu Akbar….Obama Out”

  7. Mike Arvand says:

    highest level of alert?

    Here’s a thought. stop being a sanctuary city, concentrate on crime rather than soft drinks, and watch your problems go away.

    1. Al Jenkins says:

      WELL SAID, Mike ! …….and it would proper for Hizzoner Bill de Basio to thank the 2 homeless men who found and removed the pipe bombs at Elizabeth Station and called cops that may have prevented the maiming and death of New Yorkers using that stop. A ” Merit of Heroism ” award, a handshake, and dinner at Gracie Mansion sounds appropriate……

  8. John Wayne says:

    All the Kings horses and all the Kings men could not stop another terrorist again.

  9. Benjamin Eaton says:

    Pure unadulterated pasture grade warm and steamy Bravo Sierra. We are safer now as a country than we’ve ever been before. I know that because Barack Obama said so.

  10. Neil Lynch says:

    Come-on elizabethrc, tell us how your really feel. We agree with you.. It saves us from typing.

  11. Danny S. says:

    You have not a shred of evidence that an illegal immigrant did this. Most of the attacks in the U.S. have been by people who were here legally. Citizens, in fact. You are the one who is showing hatred.

    But the lead sentence in this article is silly. “Investigators aren’t ruling out terrorism as the motive behind the bombing in Chelsea…” By definition, it was an act of terrorism. What they probably meant was “aren’t ruling out Islamic terrorism” or “aren’t ruling out international terrorism”, the last phrase being one Gov. Cuomo correctly used.

  12. John says:

    Welcome to the Democrats endgame. Hope you like it.

  13. mark meyer says:

    Perhaps the moron of a mayor can use the cops to clean up the bums and vagrants that now call NYC streets their home.

  14. elizabethrc says:

    Every single fatality committed by these illegal immigrants is due to Obama’s hatred of Americans. This was all preventable, had we had a decent human being in the White House. This pretentious low-life thinks he knows it all when reality shows that he is a naïve man out of synch with the country he is supposed to protect.
    He is a failure, start to finish and once out of power, he should be ignored by every decent American. The next President must get to work clearing out the damage, starting with kicking all and I do mean all illegals out of America.

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