Residents Outraged After Taxpayer Money Spent On Landscaping Projects That Need To Be Redone

NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork)— An investigation is taking place in Nassau County after taxpayer money was spent on new landscaping projects that now need to be redone.

Michael O’Donald of the Lakeville Estates Civic Association told CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan he is outraged at what he calls a “landscaping boondoggle.” The town of North Hempstead authorized a $100,000 landscaping borrowing plan after the association pleaded for plantings to enhance the boulevard divide along Hilldale Avenue.

Day lilies, rose bushes, azaleas and hostas were planted, but never cared for, as they withered and wilted.

Highway workers reported a broken watering truck, but residents want to know why those workers earned overtime.

“I and other people get out there and clean and weed and it died because you didn’t water. You have the little, rinky dink garden hose. This is insane, this is the wealthiest town in Nassau County,” O’Donald said, adding that he was “incensed” his tax dollars were used in this manner.

Flowers were thirsty in the heat, weeds sprung up from lack of mulch and plants were damaged when delivery trucks drove over them, according to residents.

A second group of plantings died in New Cassel along the Prospect Avenue median.

The Hyman family said some of the flowers were stolen.

“It did look nice when it was growing at one point in time, but now a waste of time and a waste of taxpayer money,” Yvette Hyman said.

Ultimately, the town paid for the plantings without borrowing, but the supervisor said concerns arose about the Highway Department’s monitoring of the project and overtime pay.

The once beautiful flowers were delivered and planted by local nurseries – Eagle in New Hyde Park and Vigliotti’s Great Gardens in Westbury.

“You can’t expect your flower beds to look terrific if you don’t water, weed, fertilize when necessary, not a piece of furniture,” Charles Vigliotti said.

The town supervisor said she has directed the town attorney to review the median plantings projects. The finance director must now approve all Highway Department overtime.

Town officials would not disclose how much overtime was paid related to the landscaping project.


One Comment

  1. Scott says:

    First of all this was an utter waste of money to start off with and this project should of never been done at all. The irony of it is here the Town is promoting water conservation and they do not plant drought tolerant material which still needs water but not as much. To me this is not the real problem. The real problem which was glossed over is the overtime by the highway department. It has long been known that overtime is a reward for going with the party that is in control. The news should investigate the town workers who are on overtime on the weekends but never leave the shop. This is the real problem unnecessary overtime

  2. don says:

    the reason being the town of North Hempstead is run by a bunch of A– holes. the highway workers do what they want to do or not to do and when they screw up the union protects them. the head of the highway department is just a figure head wienie. he can’t take any kind of disciplinary action, but i’m sure ( like all of them ) he’s the first on line to pick up his pay check.

  3. Michael says:

    Just more rich people whining! This is NOT news. They prefer to waste their money on flowers than spend it where it would do some good. All in all I could care less if their flowers, trees and hoses fall to the ground!

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