Long Island Dog Dies In Hit-And-Run Caught On Camera

LEVITTOWN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A shocking hit-and-run caught on camera leaves a Long Island family’s dog dead.

CBS2’s Steve Langford reports Marie del Papa of Levittown is on a desperate search to find the driver.

Surveillance video shows the moment her pet dachshund is struck and killed by a Chrysler Pacifica minivan. The minivan decelerated and then took off.

Police are seeking information of the person behind the wheel of the minivan.

“To tell you the truth, I thought the police would just take the report and forget about me, but they didn’t,” del Papa said.

Posters have been put up and down Center Lane in Levittown in hopes of identifying the minivan that ran over Peanut.

The full video shows the little dog, on an extended leash, wandering just beyond the sidewalk and driveway on to the street.

“It made a thump and I heard the thump. I’m sure the driver heard the thump, too,” del Papa said.

Neighbors have offered comfort and support, as del Papa and her family mourn the loss of Peanut, who is now buried at an undisclosed location.

“I mean, it’s heartbreaking and I think whoever was driving that car should step up and say, ‘I did it, I’m sorry I left,’” neighbor Phil DeCicco said.

The Nassau County SPCA is offering a $2,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the driver.


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  1. nofallo says:

    Irresponsible dog owner meets irresponsible driver. Prescription for disaster. Lady, you were not walking your dog, you were completely oblivious and ignoring your dog. You do not deserve to own a dachshund or any dog ever because you are clueless about how bad they are with cars and you must be ever diligent with them. Your poor dog deserved an owner with less stupid. The first mistake is completely yours. That said, the driver was probably too busy texting to notice your poor dog that YOU allowed to be run over.

  2. Missy Nella says:

    thi had to be a heartless moron with no care of animls,may karma it himher in the ass..

  3. NORMAN WEILER says:

    A really sad event, to be sure, but easily prevented. The owner is walking down the sidewalk, not watching the dog, or traffic, 6 feet from the curb, with 12 feet of lease extended …Not good! I’m sorry, but a more attentive owner, with less leash, and with the dog on the inside, between owner and lawn, means that “Peanut” is still with us.

  4. beth reckek says:

    Perhaps the dog’s owner should have kept the dog out of the street instead of blaming a driver who clearly couldn ‘t see the dog run under its’ tires. Is pursuing the driver going to bring the dog
    back? The dog belonged on a shorter leash, it wasn’t the driver who was negligent, it was the owner.

  5. Kathy says:

    I was so sad to hear of this accident. My heart goes out to the owner. Personally I hate those extended leashes, and have never used one. I like to have my dogs beside me when I walk them, in sight. Again, my condolences to the family. And shame on the driver!

  6. Probably another one of Obama’ illegal dreamers. They’re known for hit and runs

  7. I definitely think the driver should have stopped but she should not have let her
    dog wander so far into the street. What was she thinking ????

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