Carnival Passengers Stuck In New York Due To Hurricane Matthew

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Cruise ship passengers hoping to be in the Caribbean ended up docked in Manhattan because of deadly Hurricane Matthew.

As CBS2’s Tracee Carrasco reported passengers aboard the Carnival Pride Cruise Ship were re-routed to New York from Baltimore.

Late Saturday night, passengers received an email hours before they were supposed to set sail from Baltimore, Maryland, to the Bahamas, stating their cruise would be re-routed to New York City, then New Brunswick, Canada because of the hurricane.

That left guests scrambling.

“I want a full reimbursement. That’s the only thing that’s going to make me happy at this point in time. It’s not the experience I signed up for,” said Annette Neufeld of Ontario, Canada.

“We all have bathing suits, flip-flops, sundresses. We’re trying to get sweatshirts,” said Melissa Walker of Lynchburg, Virginia. “I’m walking around New York City in my husband’s shoes with toilet paper stuffed in the toes.”

When the ship docked at Pier 88 on the Hudson River on Tuesday, passengers were told they would not be going to Canada. Instead, they remain docked on the Hudson before slowly heading back to Baltimore on Wednesday evening because of the hurricane.

Many are demanding to know why they’re not getting back sooner.

“If they’re really concerned about our lives and the danger of the storm, we should be heading back now, not in port in New York,” one passenger said.

Kili Lindley of Pennsylvania said, “We’re gonna float out there so they can still collect their money.”

A Carnival Cruise Line spokesperson said they “need to enter the Chesapeake Bay ahead of the heaviest weather conditions,” and they are “taking a prudent course of action to keep the ship out of harm’s way and provide our guests with a safe and enjoyable vacation experience.”

Passengers waited up to two hours in customer service lines for information.

“I love New York, it’s a beautiful city, but I didn’t pay $3,000 to sit in a port for 48 hours,” said Mike Neufeld of Ontario, Canada.

The ship is scheduled to depart Wednesday at 5 p.m. So far, Carnival says they will give guests $250 to spend on board and 50 percent off a future cruise. Many said they have no intention of taking Carnival up on that offer.


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  1. Tommy Cox says:

    I was supposed to be on that ship. We called CS as soon as the email came out. We were never offered a refund AT ALL. They were expecting us to get on the ship. At that point they were offering $100/person onboard credit and 25% off a future cruise. We were not upset that the cruise was diverted. We actually expected it. But not to CANADA! We would have had to buy multiple sets of clothes for 4 people at 11pm with a 3yo and 8yo. Not happening. It should have been cancelled. Again, Carnival did not offer to refund anything. We ended up moving the cruise to late November. The stops are different though. Now I’m thinking of just cancelling the whole thing if this is how they treat people.

    1. In a statement to, Carnival said that “guests had the option of canceling and receiving a full refund. Those who opted to sail on the cruise are receiving a $250-per-person shipboard credit and a 50-percent future cruise discount.” This statement is all over the web – Carnival did offer a100% refund.

      1. Tommy Cox says:

        Yeah “Carnival said…” It was not mentioned in the email and certainly wasn’t offered when we called. We had to fight to get it moved to a different date.Maybe because we were one of the first to call in it wasn’t offered to us as they didn’t have their scripting in place yet. But I guess because it’s all over the web it’s true.

        1. Tommy Cox says:

          and the original “deal” that they were offering was 100 credit and 25% off a future cruise so don’t believe everything you read on the internet.,

          It’s true because it’s on the internet.
          -Abraham Lincoln

          1. Mary Ann McCullough says:

            Tommy Cox. Clearly you didn’t read the whole email you were sent. The email that the story ran from Carnival clearly says at the end you could cancel and get a refund or rebook and gave the number to call. Add completely irresponsible journalism on CBS and Tracee Carrasco part for not saying that Carnival offered to allow passengers to cancel with a refund or rebook. And for not running the notice from Carnival slow it would have been easier for everyone to read. But then that would detract from the “drama” of the news event. Shoddy biased reporting more concerned with drama then accurate and truthful reporting. There is no story. The passengers have no right to be upset. I hope Carnival was smart enough to get the passegers to sign waivers before leaving port.

  2. These complainers must be cruise newbies! First, they all had the option of a full refund BEFORE they boarded the ship! Secondly, they need to read their cruise contract! ….the cruise line always has the option of changing itineraries to keep passengers out of harm’s way. These people apparently don’t know how to make lemonade out of lemons.

  3. I have been on this ship several times. I would have been disappointed to drive from NJ to Baltimore only to wind up in NYC!!

    HOWEVER, Carnival did let everyone know on Saturday evening about the route change and were offered to cancel their trip for a full refund. Well, if you opted to go then stop your complaining!!!

    Hoping my trip on 11/13 doesn’t have any weather issues, but if it does, then you just roll with the punches. It is a risk you take when you book a trip during hurricane season.

  4. Pokemon go-Away says:

    I’m sure they really are doing what is best. They know way more about weather conditions that the public does with all the equipment they have on board.
    As for the $ — they are under no obligation to reimburse anyone due to a force of nature that they can’t control.. Strictly from a travel standpoint – this situation is exactly why they sell travel insurance. Anyone who has it will get a reimbursement so I would be happy that they offered a 50% discount and ship board credit like they did. They did not have to do that b-ut to stay in the good graces of the public who now think that the customer is always right, they offer something. They are still feeding everyone on board and are still incurring business costs that they will not recoup. I know it’s a ruined vacation but again — travel insurance is sold to everyone for this reason.

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