BRENTWOOD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Long Island mother is challenging her Congressman, Peter King, to bring President Donald Trump into her community.

She wants the president to see firsthand the trouble gangs are causing.

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Tim Sini sent a direct message to gangs this week: “We are coming for you.” But it’s being met with mixed reaction in the Brentwood community, CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reports.

“Jennifer Lopez makes news with her new boyfriend, but meanwhile these kids’ murders are not getting solved,” parent Rose Kelty said.

Kelty does not know the families of the children murder by gangs, but she’s had enough. She personally called her Congressman, Peter King, during a telephone town hall.

“Yes I did, yes I did. And I appreciate Channel 2 coming out to do the story, because we need some help in this community,” she said.

“I admire her for being so outspoken. I’m going to ask the president to be there. I think it will be a great, symbolic move and also a real substantive move,” King said.

Kelty remembers Trump referring to a headline, reading “Focus Of Brentwood Killing Probe: ‘Extremely Violent’ Gang,” and saying gangs are finished.

“I see President Trump on television and he’s going around and he’s promoting education, but what about the mothers whose child is not coming home?” she said.

“The president can make it clear, which he has, that he stands with police, that he believes that these type of gangs have to be stopped. And you know of the 13 that were arrested, 10 of them are illegal immigrants,” King said.

Kelty says the neighborhood will be waiting and watching.

“I’m not worried about health care, because we’re not going to have any healthcare, because we’re not going to have any kids. Kids don’t even think they are going to make it past a certain age to live,” she said.

King says he doesn’t want to create friction by inviting the president. He says he will not only check with local law enforcement and political leaders, but also with community groups and clergy before issuing a formal invitation.

Several immigrants rights organizations told CBS2 they doubted a Trump visit would do much to bring real solutions to the problems of gang violence in Brentwood.

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