LONG BEACH, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Several underage party-goers who were drinking at a house party on Long Island had to be hospitalized early Sunday morning.

The gathering on West Park Avenue in Long Beach swelled to more than 100 people, mostly high school kids according to Olivia Moriarty, who told CBS2’s Dave Carlin that she left when the cops arrived.

“It was just too many people, that’s all,” she said, adding there was no adult supervision at the party.

One teenager needed help walking, another was taken by stretcher to an ambulance, and then to South Nassau Communities Hospital, where three young patients were treated and released.

Neighbors say before police and ambulance crews arrived they noticed what appeared to be dozens of underage drinkers stumbling and yelling on the home’s property.

“The house was overflowing with underage kids,” Long Beach resident Geri Evans said. “Kids get bored, they got nothing to do, they think it’s OK but it’s not.”

She along with other neighbors say the homeowner rents out part of the house and was not there Saturday night.

Police say the person who hosted the party is 19-years-old, and was issued a ticket — a summons for what’s called “social host violation.”

“I think police and parents should be more involved, totally,” Long Beach resident Esmeralda Baires said.

Some parents in the area say they plan to talk to their kids about the chaotic party.

“You just hope when they get sick they realize not to do it again,” Long Beach resident Tom Farragher said.

Most people said the biggest surprise was that a house party of this magnitude was got out of control at this time of the year instead of summertime, highlighting a need that parents and police need to look out for underage partying not just during the high season but year round.

Some of those who attended the house party say invitations multiplied online and that’s why the gathering got so out of hand fast.

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