OCEANSIDE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Noisy trucks are barreling through residential Long Island neighborhoods, even though they’re banned.

CBS2 first told you about a Five Towns street where trucks are shaking the ground. As CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff reports, the problem goes much deeper.

It’s hard to miss the signs on Waukena Avenue in Oceanside. Despite the calls for no trucks, the big rigs keep on trucking.

“When they’re going over the broken road it’s like ‘voom voom!’,” Waukena Avenue resident Sandy Wald tells CBS2.

Commercial trucks are illegally barreling through residential streets. Earlier this year, Lawrence residents were plagued by big rigs cutting through their neighborhood. Now, folks in Oceanside say they’ve dealing with the same issues.

“It’s getting to be an emotional problem already,” Sandy’s husband Sheldon said.

Both Sandy and Sheldon say the racket from passing trucks has broken an outdoor water main six times in the past year. Inside their home, they say the vibration from the trucks causes their home to shake and resettle.

On nearby Foxhurst Avenue, residents blame truckers cutting through for tearing up their road too.

“My husband goes bumpity bumpity bump, all the way down,” Oceanside resident Judith Drake said. “We try to go around the pitfalls.”

Another man calls the roadway “a disaster.”

CBS2 asked the town of Hempstead what it’s doing about the disruptive trucker travel. The township deferred to the Nassau County Police Department, who say they’ve already written 109 summonses this year for truck violations on Waukena Avenue.

But residents say trucking companies get out of paying fines by claiming they were making a local delivery.

“I don’t think the cement trucks are making deliveries,” Sandy Wald said.

The town of Hempstead says it will begin repaving Waukena Avenue within the next few weeks, but residents warn unless police better enforce the truck ban, a newly paved road won’t last long.

CBS2 reports that the fines for overweight trucks can run into the thousands of dollars per offense, depending upon how big the truck is.

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