Police: Owner Of 22 French Mastiffs Found Dead Or Starving On Upstate NY Property Arrested

STRATFORD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The owner of nearly two dozen dogs that were found starving or dead on a property in upstate New York has been arrested, State police said.

Bentley Valdez, 55, is charged with 22 counts of failure to provide sustenance to his dogs, according to police.

The 22 French mastiffs were discovered on a rural property in Stratford as officers were investigating a report of animal abandonment, police said.

Nine of the dogs were dead and the 13 others “were in various states of emaciation,” police said. There was no food or water and police said it’s unknown when they dogs were last fed.

Some of the animals were confined inside the residence while others were in makeshift kennels and cages outside. The surviving dogs were taken to the Brennan Humane Society in nearby Mayfield

Valdez was arraigned and remanded to the Fulton County Jail in lieu of $2,500 cash bail or $3,500 bond.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the State police at 518-853-3720.


One Comment

  1. Very disturbed man, look at him!

  2. rytwinger says:

    I don’t really like dogs, but I hate abusers. Its as bad as lazy people that have kids and then don’t raise them…..HANG this pig!

  3. Why was bail set so low for this cretin? He needs to face MAXIMUM fines and jail time for EVERY dog that he killed and practically starved to death. That should keep him in jail for a very long time.

  4. Feed him to these starving dogs. And may God forgive me for my thoughts…

    1. You need not worry about Gods thought about your reply. You are not the evil one here.:)

  5. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Hispanic culture.

  6. Starve that piece of chit!

  7. David Owens says:

    Very sad the bail is so low. The reality of the justice system is it will be years before this case is resolved and we will never hear the results. Justice should be swifter.

  8. Dan Defoe says:

    Strip him naked. Chain him to a tree with no food or water until he dies.

    1. Michael Tuck says:

      gotta agree………….

  9. Doreen Self says:

    death penalty for the slob sob

  10. It is a shame to mistreat animals. That being said, how does one explain the legality of killing unborn humans?

    1. @swantonbulldog, because they are not “unborn humans”. They are fetus’. Without intelligence or “souls”. They are nothing but scrap tissue, not people.

      1. Connie Cross says:

        ZERO sceintific data to support you statement, making you a fool and a liar. Same death cult people would be apaplectic if we tried to abort puppies.

      2. You sir are obviously an uneducated moron with zero compassion for the human race, with all due respect of which I dont think there any is deserved. That being said you sir have a nice day.

      3. Apparently so are you. I would wager that your mother has wished she had exercised her right to have an abortion.

      4. Same could be said of you!

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