NEW YORK (WFAN) — Mike Francesa learned Friday that toasted grasshoppers are being sold at Seattle Mariners’ home games.

He was a bit repulsed.

“So somehow this is like some enormous delicacy. Ew!” the WFAN host said. “Oh my God! I can’t even look at them. Toasted grasshoppers!”

The grasshoppers, which are dipped in a chili lime salt and sold in a 4-ounce cup for $4, have sold out in each of the Mariners’ three games at Safeco Field this year.

Francesa and his producers engaged in a discussion about what methods are used to toast a grasshopper and what the overhead is on the edible insects.

“The guy selling the grasshoppers has got to figure these people are the biggest fools in the world,” Francesa said. “‘I’m going to go catch these grasshoppers and you guys are going to eat them?’

“Just give me a ShackBurger and leave me alone.”

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