NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A family was subjected to a racist rant in a New Jersey Sears store recently, and the tirade was caught on video.

As CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported, at least one bystander tried to stop the rant.

The shopper at the New Brunswick, New Jersey Sears was apparently infuriated by a lengthy wait this past Sunday at the checkout line.

A family of three, using coupons, and ringing up separate purchases, seemed to send the woman over the top.

Woman: “You got an Indian waiting on an Indian, that’s what it is.

Bystander: “They’re not Indian.”

Woman: “I don’t know what the hell they are.”

Bystander: “That has nothing to do with anything.”

“The best description is that I was so angry I was almost shaking,” said Simoni LoVano.

LoVano got the video on his smart phone and posted an edited version online.

Warning: Video Contains Profane Language:

“Really, she was just looking at the color of the skin,” LoVano said. “They both have brown skin and it was very clear that the family was Latino, and they were also speaking Spanish. And the cashier was Indian. Just that fact in of itself shows how isolated she is in terms of reality.”

If such a thing happened again, LoVano said there is something he would do differently.

“My regret is that I didn’t speak up when it all happened,” he said. “Everyone tried to quiet down the situation, but nobody really addressed the issue and addressed the racism.”

Other shoppers also weighed in.

“The person don’t have no manners,” said Grace Cerillo.

“That’s not acceptable,” said Bernie Waddlton.

CBS2’s Carlin spoke to a manager at Sears, who referred CBS2 to corporate headquarters. A call to corporate had not been returned as of late Thursday afternoon.

And there was no luck finding the woman in the video, who said “Send them back to their own (expletive) country.”

“I would hope that she can get educated,” LoVano said.

LoVano hopes to make money from the viral video and donate it to an immigration advocacy organization.

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