DENVILLE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A New Jersey woman who was rubbed the wrong way by inadvertently sharing an address with a massage parlor is getting a new address following a report on CBS2.

Kim Perez told CBS2’s Ali Bauman Tuesday the massage parlor’s clients kept knocking on her family’s door, with six men showing up just in the past week – all of them looking for a massage.

“There is no quality of life. I live in fear constantly,” Perez told Bauman.

The mix-up was caused by a nuance in the way Route 46 turns into West Main Street in one part of town.

As a result, Perez – a 911 dispatcher and mother of two – shared an address with Lake Spa.

“Three or four months into this, I realized it was only men and all different kinds of men. And then when this guy pulled up in a motorcycle that was 6’2″ and was very dirty looking and disgusting I realized this wasn’t the clientele for a masseuse, so I started researching online and I discovered the Lake Spa, which has a history of prostitution,” she said.

Perez described the interaction with the man who came up on the motorcycle.

Perez said she told the man “Your hooker is not here. I am not the hooker. You’re at the wrong location. And he said, ‘I’m not looking for a hooker,’ got nervous and ran away.”

She said some men have even tried to force their way in.

The owner of Lake Spa denies any sexual activity goes on there. But court records show at least two employees were arrested on prostitution-related charges last year.

Following Tuesday’s report, the Denville tax assessor’s office said it is changing Perez’s address.

The address change should take effect fairly quickly.

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