POINT PLEASANT BEACH, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — It’s not all fun and games when it comes to splashing around in the Jersey Shore waters.

CBS2’s Meg Baker caught video of some young kids trespassing to jump off a train bridge into the water, to the shock of many.

It was this past Friday that CBS2’s cameras caught the group of boys walking on the NJ TRANSIT train bridge in Point Pleasant Beach, and then jumping – some even flipping into the Manasquan River.

Benny Vitale has seen kids up near the railroad tracks fooling around. He points out that there is very little room for error.

“It’s dangerous, because when the train comes, you got no room,” Vitale said.

There are gates, a bell and warning signs at the railroad crossing, but still, a dozen or so grade schoolers continued to test the limits – running in and out of the water and back onto the narrow bridge near Gull County Park.

“There’s no trespassing signs up there for a reason, because we don’t want people on that bridge,” said Point Pleasant Beach police Chief Joseph A. Michigan.

Chief Michigan wants to make one thing very clear – the train bridge is not a play area.

“That is not a pool. That is not a designated swim area,” he said. “It’s very dangerous. The currents are very rough there too.”

The water can also be very shallow during low tide, and you never know if something sharp is lurking down below.

“I tell my boys about diving too with it being so shallow, not to, because you could easily get a head injury,” said Helen Pikitus.

Ken Gottshall said it is an accident waiting to happen. A jumper could seriously injure someone else down below.

“A lot of kayakers; a lot of people SCUBA diving and free driving, so there’s definitely a lot of activity,” he said.

“If we have to repeatedly talk to the same person, we’ll bring them in here and contact their parents, and hopefully, we’ll get an education that way,” added Chief Michigan.

NJ TRANSIT said its office of system safety is aware of the repeat jumpers and will do a full assessment of what more can be done around the area to deter such behavior.

NJ TRANSIT also said a fence may not be the solution, because it is a grade level crossing and someone could still walk onto the tracks from the road.

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