FAIR LAWN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A store for four-legged friends, was terribly damaged Friday by something on four wheels.

There was police tape around the store, and items covering the floor after the car slammed into the shelves. As CBS2’s Jessica Borg reported, damage wasn’t the only concern, two women were taken to the hospital.

An SUV crashed into Pet Supplies Plus on Fair Lawn Avenue.

A store employee snapped a picture seconds after the vehicle backed up into the glass doors around 5:15 p.m. Friday.

Kylie Correa was with her co-worker in the front of the store when she heard a loud boom in the back.

“We looked over and just saw the car, and was like, ‘oh my god,” she said.

Police said the 68-year-old driver was loading crates into her car when she accidentally hit the gas instead of the break, going full speed in reverse right into the store.

A 59-year-old woman was helping her load up, and had to jump into the open hatch to avoid being run over.

The car stopped after hitting several shelves.

Witnesses said the driver was just as stunned as everyone else, and was concerned about the other woman.

“She was having a panic attack. She was freaking out, asking if she was okay, that she couldn’t forgive herself and everything,” Correa said.

There’s now a sign letting customers know the store is unsafe to be in.

Michelle Solomon stopped by to pick up. She said it’s fortunate the store wasn’t packed at the time.

“I know when they have adoption events, they usually have the crates right in the back here,” she said.

One person who wasn’t surprised by the mishap is the owner of the convenience store next door.

“I had two times a car run in my store within 15 years of my business here,” Kenny Kansara said.

As a result, metal barriers were put up in the front parking lot. They might be installed in the back as well.

Meanwhile the popular pet store has to be cleaned up, and will be boarded up for several days.

Store managers said they’re not sure how much loss in revenue there will be from the store being closed over the weekend. Holidays are usually busy for them because of sales on pet food and crates.


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