1010 WINS — A military couple’s engagement is flooding the internet with happy tears after their heartwarming surprise proposal was caught on camera.

Emily Walker wanted to get some pictures taken with her boyfriend, Elijah Hasemeyer, before the two active duty Air Force service members left for deployment.

“My boyfriend is getting back from deployment and we just found out his leave got approved. I really wanted some pictures from you before we both leave again,” Walker wrote to Heather Carter, owner of Sophia Belle Photography.

It turns out Hasemeyer had other plans for the photo session.

He secretly got in touch with Carter to let her know that he wanted to propose to Walker during the photo shoot.

“I figured it would be the best time and I don’t think she would expect it at all,” Hasemeyer wrote to Carter.

Carter was all on board.

“I knew it would be amazing. And it was,” Carter said.

During the photo shoot in Beaumont, Texas, the couple was asked to write what they love about each other using chalkboards.

“I told them not to let the other one see what they wrote so it would be a surprise,” Carter told 1010 WINS. “Elijah was grinning so big through the entire session it was hard to get pictures of him because his smile was so much more powerful than hers. He knew what was coming up and she didn’t.”

So while Walker’s sign read “You never gave up on me,” Hasemeyer ‘s had “Will you marry me?” written on it.

Walker couldn’t believe her eyes when she read his chalkboard.

Carter said she was honored to capture the special moment.

“With these two, it was instant chills,” Carter said. “To witness the quick glances and laughter they shared as I was changing camera settings throughout the entire session had me literally misty eyed.”

The couple plans to get married next year.

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