NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — He didn’t even see it coming — a Bronx delivery man was viciously beaten and robbed.

CBS2 first showed viewers the disturbing video last week, and on Tuesday, the victim was talking about why he is returning to work.

Three teens waited for the unsuspecting food delivery man as he walked down the stairs, once in view they began their assault; slugging, shoving, and robbing him.

“Punch me and I go down,” Dao Bing Li said.

Pictures showed a bloodied, 46-year-old Dao Bing Li. He said he was making a delivery the night of August 24, not far from his restaurant — Happy Dragon on Walton Avenue.

“Stole my money out of my pocket,” he said, “Maybe $200.”

What’s more, he said this isn’t the first time one of these teens has come after him.

“Sometimes he take my food,” he said. “I scared, but must do it, must do it.”

Must do it he said, because he has a family to support.

“It’s bad because the guy, he’s working you know, he’s supposed to save money for his family,” Manuel Reyes said.

Li has owned the restaurant for 8 years, and won’t quit now, but he’s hoping teens will and that police will catch them.

Sources told CBS2 one of the suspects, a 14-year-old, has already been arrested. Police are still searching for the other two suspects.



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